About MG&G


Since 1990 MG&G Pump Company has proudly offered the “Stricklin" Line of Chemical Injection Pumps.  As the manufacturer we provide a quality line of Electric "AC", Pneumatic, and now provide the most reliable "SOLAR" Chemical Injection Pumps.  We are committed to supplying our customers with a dependable low maintenance product.   The personnel of MG&G Pump Company have over 80 years combined experience in the chemical injection pump manufacturing business , specifically in the oil and gas industry. 

Customer satisfaction is a must, as we continually strive to exceed their expectations.  Currently we are providing chemical injection pump packages throughout the United States (onshore and offshore), China, Equatorial Guinea, Brazil and the GCC Countries.


We believe that the Stricklin line of chemical injection pumps are the most reliable, dependable and low maintenance pumps in the industry today.

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